Louis Saha thinks Manchester United will struggle on their travels to Goodison Park this weekend - admitting he is "scared" for his former side.

Saha, who played for both Manchester United and Everton in the Premier League, expects Sean Dyche's side to put on a performance in their first Goodison Park clash since they were deducted 10 points for breaching the Premier League's Profit and Sustainability rules over a three-year period ending in 2022.

Speaking to Paddy Power, the former France forward said: "Everton vs Manchester United is going to be a very interesting game this weekend. Both teams need the three points, and big performances and they’re both looking for stability.

“Neither of them have been able to find that consistency this season, even if Manchester United have decent form in the league. After an international break, there's always surprises so I’m scared for United to be honest.”

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Assessing the Blues' chances of emerging victorious from a third successive relegation battle, Saha said: "It’s going be tough for Everton to avoid relegation this season because they might have to sell players and this instability is not good for such a great club.

"I’m not saying that Everton should get away with the breaches because of who they are and their history, but it’s going be very tough for the manager.

“There are a few teams who will be fighting for survival and it’s tough to see them in this situation. In recent games there were signs that they were finding a good formula and it’s like a big slap in the back of the head for Sean Dyche who’s going to have to go again.”