Rival managers have been reacting to the news that Everton have been deduced 10 points in the Premier League.

Last Friday, the Blues were found guilty of a Premier League breach following a review from the independent commission. The sporting sanction came in light of the clubs referral to the panel by the English top flight over an alleged breach of profit and sustainability rules.

Despite the ruling, Everton plan to appeal the decision - citing they were "prepared to robustly" defend their position - and have denied any wrongdoing after the charge was brought on them.

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The deduction saw Sean Dyche's side slip to 19th in the table, ahead of Burnley on goal difference. Everton sit two points adrift of safety with Luton Town currently occupying 17th.

Following the news of the punishment on the Goodison Park club, Leeds United, Leicester City and the Clarets are assessing their options over compensation having been relegated in previous seasons.

Premier League action returns this weekend following the November international break and managers from the top-flight and Championship have offered their thoughts on the recent news.


Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Gary O'Neil said: "Firstly, really difficult to give an accurate opinion because I don't know the detail of what they have and what they haven't done, that's the first thing.

"Secondly, I don't want any of the teams to be deducted points, I feel for them on that, you want everyone to have a fair crack at the season. Everyone is playoff level points, Everton move 10 points further below, doesn't make me feel any better about it. I want them to be on the same points as they were and as it should be.

"These things go on far above my head, I'm sure they'll reach a conclusion that's fair for everybody. Obviously ruled and things have to be adhered to but without knowing the details of it, my only feeling is disappointed for Everton, the supporters, Sean and his players suffer a 10-point deduction in what it already a really tough league.

"I can probably see it galvanising them as a group, as a team, as a fanbase, they'll pull themselves together and try make sure they have a successful season."

Nottingham Forest

"I can’t really comment on how it happened and the process of the decision - that’s not my bag at all," Steve Cooper said.

"But we play them soon, and my first thought was of how it is going to be an even tougher game now.

"We are focused on this weekend first, but when that game comes around it is going to add to the challenge of playing against them. We will have to be ready for that."

AFC Bournemouth

AFC Bournemouth head coach Andoni Iraola, who was on the wrong end of a Goodison Park defeat, commented: "For me, it's very difficult to give an opinion because I don't know the rules. I don't even know them, it's not like I don't understand them.

"I haven't read all the financial implications, and really to give up an opinion I think is useless. Probably the timing is a little bit strange.

"During the season you don't know what you are fighting for and you don't know if in two or three months another team will be punished. Or maybe Everton appeals and they get points.

"During the season is strange. Probably this kind of punishment should be in between seasons, but I cannot tell you if it's fair, it's not unfair because I don't know the rules."

Sheffield United

"I think it has opened the door to other sanctions. We can't just have one team punished, we need more if there's been breaches," Blades boss Paul Heckingbottom said.

"We suffered last season from that and I think, me being a football fan, I think it's only right. The rules are there for a reason and they should be imposed, otherwise what is the point? From Everton's point of view, they are going to feel hard done to because they are the first and it's the biggest punishment we've had in the Premier League.

"So that will only be seen as justifiable if others follow suit with bigger punishments, potentially. It has opened up all sorts. But from a football point of view, I've honestly been impressed with Everton this season. I think they should have had more points than what they had anyway.

"So whilst it initially knocks them down into where they are, they have shown more than enough for me to show that they are going to be fighting and be more than capable to work their way out of it. We just hope that we finish above them."


Burnley currently sit at the foot of the table behind Everton. Manager Vincent Kompany said:"It’s the way I am as a person, I tend not to pay attention to anything I can’t control and it’s not something I can control.

"Quite frankly in terms of results in any position to look at anyone else but ourselves. The focus is there and to continue our good performances.

"My focus has been on turning our performances into results because that’s the only thing that matters. You’re a little bit in tunnel vision where you don’t get too much time to look left or right.

"I understand fully I think the club has got a vested interest in this. I understand fully there have been discussions at Premier League level and board level. But in all honesty it’s not been even one second on my mind. I don’t think it’s for me to make a judgment on this. The main thing is I need to focus is on this team and turning performances into results."

The Belgian added: "I'm aware so I’m not going to pretend that I'm not aware. It’s none of my concern. That’s not my job, not my task.

"The task I have is way too important for me to get distracted by this. We’re talking politics here and board level discussions. My absolute priority is keeping this team in this league and showing every day that we can belong here and we can be a good team in this league. None of my attention towards that case will actually help what we need to achieve."

Leeds United

Leeds United were relegated on the final day of last season as Everton remained in the Premier League.

Whites manager Daniel Farke was introduced as the manager in the summer, but said Everton were not his "problem" during the previous campaign.

He said: "No, I don’t comment on this decision. I was not involved last season, I was preparing for games against Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, Everton was not my problem last season.

"Right now, they are playing in a different league. No comment from my side. It’s a topic for everyone who was involved and has more knowledge about the topic. I only know what I read in the media. I am not involved."