King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes is celebrating after its latest Ofsted inspection gave the school a “Good” rating.

Inspectors found that pupils were “happy to come to school” and “the school has high expectations of what pupils can achieve” while being “focused on improving the quality of education it provides for pupils."

The school has previously been rated as “Requires Improvement” and the move to “Good” comes after “improved outcomes for pupils in national tests in many subjects."

Teachers regularly check pupils' understanding and recall, which helps them to “identify and address any gaps in pupil’s knowledge” and the staff implement “the curriculum in a logical order that enables pupils to make connections in their learning.”

The academy is committed to providing a well-rounded education for all students

The report mentions the increasing number of pupils continuing their studies after leaving the school, and the “well-considered” programme informing pupils and their parents about the options for future courses and careers.

Inspectors acknowledge that the school’s engagement programme with parents benefits the children and demonstrates the academy's commitment to providing a well-rounded education for all students.

The staff’s work with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) pupils is highlighted. SEND pupils follow the same curriculum as their peers with inspectors noting that staff “support these pupils well in engaging with the curriculum and obtaining the qualifications they require when moving to the next stage in their education or training”.

An inspector refers to King’s Hawthornes’: “rigorous approach to staff training” and says they are “well-trained” and develop their teaching expertise.

Pupils are commended for their behaviour as the inspectors found they enjoy the “many opportunities for personal development” and embrace the school’s ASPIRE values and ethos covering aspiration and achievement, self-awareness, professionalism, integrity, respect and endeavour.

Inspectors found that pupils were “happy to come to school”

Extra-curricular activities are praised as providing “many opportunities for personal development.” Ofsted notes that pupils are “eager” to participate in groups such as debating, documentary and baking clubs and take on “positions of responsibility and leadership through becoming members of the Combined Cadet Force and as prefects.” This reflects the academy’s aim of preparing pupils to become successful citizens.

King’s Hawthornes' principal, Peter Gaul, expressed his pride in the report and said: “A "Good" rating results from hard work and dedication from our entire school community.

“One of the most pleasing comments was how the “school prepares pupils well for life in modern Britain” and how the pupils embrace our ASPIRE values and ethos.”

King’s Hawthornes is part of the Great Schools Trust and chief executive Shane Ierston is delighted with the improved Ofsted rating: “I’m very proud of King’s Hawthornes at all levels and believe the “Good” rating demonstrates the Trust’s values and the opportunities provided to our students.”

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