Sky Sports will take steps to avoid bad language airing on television during planned protests from Everton fans in Sunday's home match against Manchester United.

In a report from the Times, it is explained how Sky are required to comply with Ofcom's rules and would risk breaking those if Everton supporters' planned protests involving swearing filters through the live match audio.

Organisers of the protest against the Blues' 10-point deduction for a single breach of the Premier League's financial profitability and sustainability rules are said to be calling on their fellow Evertonians to chant "Premier League corrupt as f***" in the 10th minute of the game.

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As the match is taking place at 4:30pm GMT, before the UK's watershed, the report says that means it is Sky's duty to follow broadcast regulations, and that internal meetings have taken place to decide how to handle the situation.

Sky Sports, which takes its responsibilities to protect its viewers and to act as a responsible broadcaster seriously, do have the ability to control sounds levels from within the stadium to mitigate any offensive language on-air. Ofcom regulations state broadcasters should avoid televising material that could cause offence to viewers.

The Times report adds: "In the past, broadcasters in such circumstances have reduced the volume of sound from the crowd and even introduced pre-recorded crowd noise. It is understood Sky do not intend to use fake noise on Sunday."

In the wake of the 10-point deduction, protests are being planned across the weekend by Everton supporters. Fan group The 1878s are prompting supporters to bring flags, banners and signs to display their distaste with the punishment.

They have even detailed plans to fly a plane over Liverpool's match against Manchester City - who face charges for 115 breaches of the league's financial rules - on Saturday lunchtime due to the fact that fixture will take place during daylight hours and therefore the message will be visible.

More than £40,000 has been raised by The 1878s to organise the above protests.

Finally, Everton director of football Kevin Thelwell today released his own statement of encouragement that the team will be fired up by this latest setback and the subsequent unity of the fans.

"We are rallying in the face of a sporting sanction in the only way we can – and that is our focus and hard work in supporting the team in delivering to their fullest on the pitch.

"Everton is a special football club. It is a special football club because of its people – our players, staff and fans.

"We know that every Evertonian is behind us. That is never taken for granted, but always hugely appreciated and valued. We feel the strength of support, and we will continue to use that backing to drive us on."