A displeased vet has shared a number of dog names she is sick of hearing, and there are some popular ones on the list.

In a post on Reddit the woman said some dog owners' name choices have "overwhelmed" her. She said: "I work at a vet clinic and often come across certain names that I hear over and over again.

"I personally am overwhelmed by the names Luna and Teddy. Every single poodle cross I come across seems to be named Teddy [and] I swear there are at least three Lunas that are admitted into hospital every week for surgery.

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"That's not even including all the animals that just come in for an appointment. Bailey or Cooper I see all the time for golden retrievers. You'd be surprised by how many dogs come in named Puppy, Doggy or Mr Dog", the US Mirror reports.

She added: "This is no hate towards these names nor the owners that named them. They are popular for a reason."

The woman's rant comes after another vet shared the five dog breeds he would never own himself, due to health issues and aggressive behaviour. The vet, named Ben, told millions of TikTok users he would not own a Chow Chow as "I just find they often don't have a very nice temperament, they can be really aloof."

He went on to say the dogs are "often very aggressive at the vets, they suffer quite commonly with eye problems and their purple tongues are a bit unnerving." Other breeds he said he couldn't own included the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dachsunds, Shar Peis and any "flat-faced" dog breeds, such as bulldogs or pugs.

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