A bright, happy and "always dancing" young mum died in her sleep, leaving behind a five-month-old baby.

Caitlin Faulder, 20, was living at home with her mother and father, Kellie and John Faulder, and her baby daughter, five-month-old Poppy, when she was found unresponsive in her bed in the early hours of Sunday, November 19. It is thought she may have had a heart attack in her sleep.

Her younger sister, Charlotte Faulder, 19, told Hull Live Caitlin's death has left her family and friends utterly devastated. She said Caitlin had been looking forward to Poppy's first Christmas, as well as to returning to work at Costa.

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Charlotte said: "She was so young. Everyone is heartbroken". Charlotte said Caitlin had been complaining of “a pain in her heart” for a few months and had been for checks.

She continued: “When she was pregnant she had an ECG, which showed an abnormality, but they didn’t think it was anything to worry about.

Charlotte, who also has siblings Chloe, 22, Joseph, who was 18 last Friday, and Jasmine, 14, added: “When she went to the doctors, all they kept saying was ‘everything is normal, everything is fine, your blood pressure is fine’.

"On Saturday night, she was absolutely fine, dancing and enjoying being with her daughter. She was the absolute life of the party. She danced every day. She loved all kinds of music, especially Christmas music.

"She was going to put her Christmas tree up this week and had already bought her Christmas presents for her daughter and had wrapped them up.”

Charlotte said her dad, John, heard Poppy crying on Sunday morning. She said: "Caitlin’s bedroom is downstairs and my dad came down and shouted to her, ‘Caitlin, Poppy’s crying, wake up’. But she wouldn’t wake up.

“He rang for the ambulance and my little sister, who’s only 14, came downstairs to see what was happening. He grabbed the baby and gave her to my sister; he had the phone and he tried to do CPR on Caitlin.

“The ambulance came and they said, ‘we think she had a heart attack in her sleep’. It would have been peaceful, she wouldn’t have felt anything. My dad has heart failure as well, so he had to be checked over and everything.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up by the family. Part of its description from Charlotte reads: “On Sunday 19th November, my beloved sister Caitlin Faulder sadly passed away early hours in her sleep. She was only 20 years of age and a wonderful mother to her 5 month old daughter Poppy.

"We are just asking for a little bit of help with her funeral as it was a big shock and we would really appreciate the help. Thank you all so much, she will always be in our hearts.”

Charlotte said she hoped that they could raise £4,000 to give Caitlin “the best send-off we can do” and for “something in her memory for Poppy”. She said: “Caitlin didn’t have much money but every penny she did have went on her daughter.”

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